Launch of Addison E-Catalogue

* To make it convenient  for our dealers and customers ADDISON has launched an e-catalogue that simplifies the product search. Search can be Made by different criteria’s such as  Material Grade, Series / Type, Tool Diameter etc.

Addison E-Catalogue

In Addition to the  listing out the product details such as  Diameter ,Product Specification, Standards etc.  the Catalogue will also  help dealers/customers to locate the right products based on their need  quickly and easily, raise an Enquiry, Find details of Sales Engineers and view our product Gallery.

Digital Cards

 Reaching  us and knowing us , is no more a problem. We are now just a click away .

Addison has introduced E visiting cards for our sales Engineers  that comes with Preloaded features such as Catalogues ,Easy contact options, Our Social Media channels.

Please contact our Sales Engineers for these Cards.

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65 Year Logo

65 year logo

  • Addison is  nearing the completion of 65 Years in the business of cutting Tools.
  • Starting as  primarily as a manufacturer of HSS cutting tools, the company has slowly  expanded its cutting tool offerings that covers variety of  tools such as Solid Carbide tools , Broaches and Hobs.


  • Toughness – The greater toughness of the Roll Forged Drills results in Longer Life.
  • Durability – Twisting  of Forged Form drills during manufacturing causes the molecular structure of steel to follow the flute thus enhancing  durability.
  • Breakages – These Drills Possess greater tensile Strength hence the Breakages are minimal.

Roll Forged Drills

  • Addison is one of the largest maker of Roll Forged Drills.
  • Addison is one of the largest maker of Roll Forged Drills.

Key Benefits  of the Roll Forged Drills were as below:

High Cutting Capacity.

High Torsion Resistance

Absolute Consistency

Flawless Finish.